The Enchanted Fairy World Coloring Book by Elizabeth Shelby brings together two things that are popular for little girls—fairies and coloring—but that doesn’t mean only little girls can explore the enchanting world of fairies through its pages with their coloring materials in hand. Adults can have a colorful adventure through this fairies coloring book too, for this isn’t just for kids, this is also a coloring book for adults.

Whether young or old, you’re welcome for a magical experience that this coloring book provides as long as you bring with you your crayons, coloring pencils, coloring pens, or what-not. Coloring is, in fact, an activity that can be done by all ages, not just kids. And Shelby’s fairies coloring book has designs that both kids aged 8-12 years old and adults can enjoy. 

In some of us adults, there has once been a child ever so fascinated with fairies. They may even be able to relate with little girls who adore fairies; like to dress up in fairy get up complete with fairy wings, tutus, and fairy wands; and daydream of encountering a fairy in real life. Their fascination over fairies may even still be carried until their adulthood.

Fairies possess many amazing traits. And those traits of theirs make them so appealing to little girls and women alike. That explains why they’ve become so popular. 

Their striking, otherworldly air would be one of those traits. They have such an interesting appearance with their elegant, sparkly wings; angelic appearance; and tiny physique. 

Along with their charm is also a good heart, that at times they would intend to intervene in the lives of humans to make things better, but only if deserving. Another amusing trait of theirs is how they can nurture and protect nature. And all of those, they are able to do with the many amazing powers that they possess.

So if you have a fairy-obsessed little girl, Shelby’s coloring book would surely be a hit with your kid. Or if you’re an adult who fancies fairies and want to get into coloring, then go ahead and grab this coloring book for yourself. Or if you know some lady who might appreciate this, buying this for her would be a great idea.

Little girls and women alike can have the pleasure of filling the little fairy world in this coloring book with color. With their coloring materials of choice, they can have fun decorating the illustrations on this coloring book however they wish and bring them to life as they’ve imagined. 

There’s much to see and to color in this coloring book’s little world of fairies, so one can delightfully color as much as they want. It boasts 50 unique images featuring fairies amidst different backgrounds. Here you can find pictures of fairies hanging around beautiful flowers, prancing around falling leaves, playing with a baby dragon, hanging out with animal friends, playing the violin, hanging out by the castle, and many other images portraying their usual, amazing self in their wonderful environment.

The good stuff doesn’t stop there, as this coloring book has a large-sized page format for filling with creativity measuring 8.5″ x 11″. And the printing on the book is single-sided, so there’ll be no bleed-through when colors are applied.

With all its great features, this can be a nice gift for someone or even just for yourself.

Indeed, coloring in a coloring book, especially one with a particular theme you’re into can be fun. But more than that, it also brings many benefits.

For adults, a very much needed benefit that a coloring book can provide is stress relief. As adults, there can be things going on in our life and our head that can cause stress for us. You can find solace in a coloring book during tough times, as it provides a therapeutic experience when we focus our energy on coloring and become distracted from reality for a while.

Kids, too, could also need this benefit of stress relief, as they are not always happy-go-lucky. Apart from stress relief, coloring also can help develop many skills in kids like creativity, color recognition, fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and concentration.

The fairies await little girls and ladies to add color in their world. This coloring book is up for grabs for fairy fans to make their own magic with coloring materials.