As school comes to a close for the summer, and the kids’ very much anticipated summer break has finally come, the kids become very excited to have some summer fun. Within the months of summer break, it is best to keep them occupied with activities that are not only fun but also productive and can keep their creativity flowing. There are a lot of possibilities for summer activities that kids can engage in, and one of them would be coloring.

Most of the summer season, kids would be just hanging around at home. When the kids are bound nowhere but just in your humble abode, it can be a challenge for us parents to keep them busy as well as to keep them from whining out of boredom. Another thing we parents would be concerned about is preventing our kids from spending too much time on the phone, tablet, computer, game console, or television, as too much screen time isn’t good for one’s health both physically and mentally.

For keeping your kids entertained during the summer break, you can rely on fun-filled coloring books jam-packed with plenty of pages containing awesome pictures that kids can fill with their creativity. The pages and pages of pictures to color can entertain kids for hours and hours.

Usually, throughout the summer, the most popular activities kids most likely engage in are outdoor activities like swimming, camping, biking, kite flying, playing frisbee, and etc. But with the coronavirus disease, otherwise known as COVID-19 pandemic going on, it is advisable to keep the children at home to keep them safe from the virus.

Although the pandemic has kept us at our homes, that does not mean it can also keep the children from having fun. You can get creative in coming up with activities your kids can do at home like having a pool party with an inflatable pool, camping in your backyard, or even allow them to get creative themselves through coloring.

Coloring Books by Elizabeth Shelby

Even though kids are most likely to stay at home due to the pandemic, kids can have a summer splash still—with some splashes of colors that is—through the coloring books by Elizabeth Shelby. The coloring books by Shelby can bring color to the kids’ world during the summertime. Shelby’s coloring books come in a variety of themes and cater to kids of all ages.

With the variety of themes in Shelby’s coloring books, there are many options to choose from. Whether your kid likes unicorns, mermaids, or fairies, there is something in store for them. And if you want your kids to have an idea about careers while enjoying coloring, there are the career-themed coloring books, which have two kinds: one promoting the idea of non-traditional careers and the other illustrated in zentangle style.

Each of the coloring books has two versions designated for different age groups, particularly 4 to 8-year-olds and 8 to 12-year-olds. They are designed to be age-appropriate according to the complexity of the illustrations and skills of the children.

The coloring books can provide hours of enjoyment, as they consist of 50 pages filled with beautiful pictures, each with unique designs and in a large 8.5″ x 11″ format. An added advantage to the coloring books is that they have single-sided printing, which allows kids to freely color in the pages without any bleed through.

Benefit From Coloring This Summer

Coloring can benefit not just the children but also parents too. If you don’t want your kids to go lazy or waste away most of their time on video games and television during the summer break and also need time to get things done at home, you can hand them a bunch of coloring books. Coloring books can provide kids with hours of entertainment while also bringing some benefits both for the kids and the parents.

Though just a simple activity, coloring can be a lot of fun for kids, as they can use their imagination and creativity while adding colors into the illustrations. A coloring book with plenty of pages can keep kids entertained for hours during the summer break.

And being able to see their imagination realized into a beautifully colored image as they have finished coloring is just as delightful. Having finished coloring a picture can be rewarding for them, as it is a work of art that they accomplished themselves. A child’s works of art can even also be hung on the fridge for display or anywhere, and they can surely brighten up a room as well as the summer vibes.

As children are entertained with coloring, their engrossment and preoccupation in the activity help in minimizing their use of electronics. Instead of being on their gadgets or watching television for prolonged periods, they can engage in the more productive activity of coloring. Coloring is also harmless and safer to do as compared to using gadgets and watching television, as prolonged usage of those devices can bring adverse effects to one’s health such as eye strain, poor eyesight, headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, backache, and etc.

Along with the entertainment that coloring provides also comes a therapeutic effect. Coloring pictures can distract children from any negative emotions and thoughts that they have and can make them feel calmer while enjoying the leisurely activity.

Coloring can also help in the development of the brain and motor skills. Though school has come to a close, kids can still be able to practice their brain and motor skills through coloring.

Coloring can be especially beneficial for children who still need improvement with the strength of their hand, control of their hand movements, and hand and eye coordination. Moreover, coloring also enhances problem-solving and organizational skills as well as concentration.

Parents can also benefit from letting their children color too. When they keep their kids preoccupied with coloring, they’ll be able to leave their children alone and carry on with their responsibilities. This helps a lot for parents who are working from home or when parents are doing household chores.

Kids’ summer will be filled with color and fun when they spend their free time coloring on coloring books during the summer break. And the benefits coloring books can bring for children and parents is a plus. So to ensure your kids have a fun, productive summer and for you to have some peace of mind, you can grab a couple of Shelby’s coloring books for the summer break.

Shelby will also be releasing a pair of activity books soon. Each of them will also respectively cater to the 4 to 8 and 8 to 12-year-old age groups. The fun-filled activity books feature amusing characters such as unicorns, mermaids, fairies, Pegasus, and princesses and contain awesome activities such as dot to dot, fill out the grid drawings, tic tac toe, word search, decode a phrase, and mazes. You can check them out once they’re out.