Princesses are very much popular with little girls, that their popularity brought forth the princess culture, complete with all sorts of merchandise such as princess dresses, tiaras, toys, and etc. If you have a princess-obsessed little girl, perhaps you can give her a princess-themed coloring book to add to her princess collection. Catering to princess-loving girls, a wonderful coloring book that provides plenty of beautiful images of princesses is the Magical World of Princess Coloring Book by Elizabeth Shelby.

Out of little girls’ love for princesses, they have become fond of donning frilly princess dresses, wearing sparkly tiaras on their heads, playing with various princess toys, consuming all sorts of princess-themed things, and they would even make-believe to be princesses as well. For the little girls who are artsy and like to engage in creative activities, Shelby’s Magical World of Princess Coloring Book would be recommendable. With it, they can indulge in their love for princesses and art, while also being able to take advantage of the many benefits of coloring like the development of motor skills, improvement of hand and eye coordination, stress relief, and etc.

As parents, it’s natural for us to be concerned about the things our kids get into. So here, we can enlighten you all about the princess obsession and Shelby’s princess-themed coloring book that you may want to get for your child.

The Princess Obsession

Princesses are often portrayed in movies, TV series, and fairy tales. An excellent example would be Disney Princesses. With much exposure that those princesses have, there’s no wonder they have become popular with little girls.

Disney’s princesses each stand out in their own way that makes them interesting, royal characters. But they didn’t really necessarily have to be royal by blood or marriage in order to be able to have the royal title of Disney Princess. The standards of Disney Princesses are that they have to be the protagonist of their own story, and either they are royal by blood or marriage or have done great acts of bravery and heroism.

Those fictional princesses from Disney that captured the hearts of little girls have their own amazing story. And little girls love those stories so much, that they would watch them over and over, read them time and time again, or ask their parents to read those stories to them night after night as their bedtime story. The princesses’ stories are touching, inspiring, and show their desirable characteristics as well as moral lessons, which is what is loved by both little girls and parents alike. 

Take for example the very first Disney Princess, Snow White, a beautiful princess in and out; kind, gentle, and friendly—even to animals. Although her evil stepmother, the queen was envious of her beauty and wanted to have her killed by a huntsman, leading her to run away, the situation brought out her strength, which is being able to cope in such adversity. Despite having become homeless and not having many skills, she managed to find solace in the house of the seven dwarves, which she was able to call her new home, where she cooked and cleaned while the dwarves worked.

Another conflict was added for Snow White though, when the queen discovered she was still alive and put a curse of sleeping death on her, which can only be broken by true love’s kiss. Luckily, Prince Charming came to save her with his kiss, which resulted in a happy ending.

Then there’s Mulan, who isn’t exactly of royal blood nor earned royalty through marriage, but rather risked her own life for the intention of protecting her father and in the end, also managed to protect the entire country of China. Her admirable characteristics and deeds that exemplify bravery and heroism qualified her as a Disney Princess. A bonus in her story was the budding romance she found later on with the captain of the Chinese army, Li Shang.

That being said, we can point out many reasons why little girls love princesses so much, basing from their favorite fictional princesses as listed below.

They are gorgeous ladies with the personality to matchIn the movies, TV series, and fairy tales, they would be depicted as very beautiful. And their beauty is not only superficial, as they also possess good characteristics such as kindness, intelligence, caring, bravery, and etc.

They get to don fabulous dresses. They wear the most elegant, stylish dresses, just like in the story of Cinderella, where she was not only the most beautiful but also the best dressed in the ball. Every princess has their own style that suits them perfectly.

They get to go on adventures either for the purpose of achieving their goals or solving a conflict. There’s the mermaid princess Ariel for example, whose curiosity and love for the human world led her to adventures both in sea and land. Another example is Moana who went off to save her island.

They get to have Prince Charming. Whenever they are in situations that leave them helpless, a handsome, dashing Prince Charming would come to help or save them. And in the end, they live happily ever after with him.

Because of those aforementioned reasons, not only have little girls become so fascinated with princesses, but they also want to be like those princesses. But aside from those fictional princesses the little girls know and love, of course, there are the real-life princesses who serve for the good of their nation and also other parts of the world that are good role models for little girls.

A notable real-life princess is Diana, Princess of Wales, the first spouse of Charles, Prince of Wales. Although she may have died in 1997, she left a great impact as a member of the British royal family, known as “the people’s princess”. She was given that title because she was far from the typical behavior of aloofness usually associated by most people to the royal family.

Diana was a hands-on princess who bonded with the masses, cared for the sick, and was a highly passionate philanthropist who had been a patron of 100 charities that dealt with children, youth, homelessness, disabilities, HIV/AIDS, and etc.

A highly popular princess at present that makes a good role model for little girls is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. She is actually the third in rank of the most popular royalty in the UK according to a recent public poll held by YouGov, following Prince William at number two and Queen Elizabeth II at number one. In the poll, fans described her as “good role model, admirable, attractive, genuine, and beautiful.”

Catherine is known for her charitable works on issues regarding children, addiction, and art. Also, she has done some work on mental health as a mental health advocate. And on top of that, while she does her duties as a princess, she manages to keep fashionable, that she even has made an impact on British and American fashion that the media termed the “Kate Middleton effect.”

Whether fictional or real, princesses truly are amazing. They’re beautiful, graceful, kind-hearted, and have great stories to tell as well as life lessons to teach.

A Princess Coloring Book for Your Little Princess

Princesses are goals for little girls, whether in the look, the manner of acting, the toys they play with, and down to any other thing they use. It’s just a girl thing. And for the princess-obsessed little girls, coloring book author, Shelby brings the Magical World of Princess Coloring Book.

As an accomplished coloring book author for kids, Shelby delivers beautiful illustrations that children will surely enjoy and can help develop their skills in correspondence to their ability according to their age. The Magical World of Princess Coloring Book is definitely perfect for little girls who just can’t get enough of princesses with its numerous pages featuring lovely princesses. And like all her other coloring books, it has different versions designated for different age groups.

The coloring book indeed provides a magical world that showcases the epitome of princesses. And little girls can spend hours and hours for as long as they like in it and keep coming back to it when they wish. It contains many pictures of princesses standing out in elegant dresses with beautifully styled hair around pleasant backgrounds that little girls can indulge in the pleasure of coloring. 

Little girls are free to roam around this magical world through its pages and bring the illustrations to life with their crayons. These little princess wannabes can even imagine themselves as the princesses in the images in the coloring book as they color the images. With this coloring book, not only can little girls unleash their creativity, they can also channel the princesses in them.

The possibilities for creativity, imagination, and fun in this coloring book are unlimited. It has 50 pages with beautiful images of princesses for coloring. In each of its pages, there is something different for little girls to color, as the images in this coloring book are all unique.

Apart from the varying pictures the coloring book provides, little girls will also surely enjoy the big space it offers for having fun with their crayons. The images in the coloring book are in a large format measuring 8.5″ x 11″. Moreover, the coloring book has single-sided printing, so it prevents the mess of bleed through of colors.

Little princesses of all ages can enjoy this coloring book. It is available in two versions, particularly for the age group 4-8 made with simple designs and 8-12 made with more detailed designs.

Little princesses deserve nice things, and this coloring book would absolutely make a nice gift for your little one.

The Benefits of Coloring

Coloring is immensely beneficial in the early stages of the development of children. This enjoyable activity that children love to do is more than just a pastime. The happy times little kids spend pouring out their creativity and bringing pictures to life in coloring books can result in their improvement in a broad range of physical, mental, and psychological aspects.

Coloring stimulates creativity. Kids’ imaginations play in their minds as they think of what colors to use for the images. Even if their tiny; weak hands may exceed the lines when coloring, at least their creativity is practiced and further enhanced.

And as they choose the colors for a picture, color recognition is being developed in them. When coloring a picture, their grip and the movement of their hands help strengthen finger; hand; and wrist muscles, thus enhancing motor skills. This can also enhance their writing ability and prepare them for school activities.

In addition to toning the hands, coloring also improves the hands’ coordination with the eyes. The actions involved in coloring, such as choosing a color from the set of crayons; holding a crayon; applying colors to the spaces in the illustration; and etc utilizes both the hands and eyes at the same time. So coloring trains children’s hand and eye coordination.

Coloring takes time and attention. As children fill in every detail of a picture with color, it imparts in them the value of patience and develops their focus. 

Focusing on coloring can actually help with stress relief. Coloring has a therapeutic effect, wherein children can just color away their unpleasant emotions and negative thoughts, so they end up feeling calm and relaxed.

When they finally finish coloring a picture, it gives them a rewarding feeling of fulfillment from having an accomplishment, which they can be proud of, which also makes them proud of themselves. As a result, their confidence and self-esteem are increased. It’s their completion of tasks like this that boosts their morale and pushes them to give their best in whatever they do.

Little girls can only dream to be princesses, but surely, they will enjoy the Magical World of Princess Coloring Book and benefit from it.